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Connect & access your business hosted email

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Welcome to your enhanced Business Cloud Email Hosting experience. 

Remember, you can always access your email account using webmail (via any web browser or device) at Alternatively, use your favorite email app client for your device. Important configuration details are provided on this page.



Your access credentials have been provided to you already. (If you need to request your account or password from support, please email or click here). 
Please delete the associated preexisting IMAP account in your device email app, before creating a new IMAP account. You won't lose email data if you had the same existing IMAP account.



General Service Details

Server Name / Mail Server / Host Name / Server:

Webmail URL:


Email Client (App) Configuration

Incoming Mail Server:

Outgoing Mail Server:

Incoming IMAP Mail Port:

993 (Secure w/ SSL/TLS)

Incoming POP3 Port:

995 (Secure w/ SSL/TLS)

Outgoing SMTP Port:

587 (Secure w/ STARTTLS); or alternatively: 465 (Secure w/ SSL)


(Your full email address)


(Your preexisting password)
Contact if you need to reset)


Specific Instructions for Apple iOS Devices

  1. Go to Settings > Mail, then tap Accounts.
  2. Tap Add Account, tap Other, then tap Add Mail Account.
  3. Enter your name, email address, password and a description for your account.
  4. Tap Next. Insert your email data... (Ensure it's an IMAP account - up the top)

    Name: (Your name, as seen by others when you send emails)
    Email: (Your full email address)
    Description: (Something descriptive, for example your business name)

    Incoming Mail Server
    Host Name:
    User Name: (Your full email address)
    Password: (Your preexisting password - Email from your personal email if you need to reset your password)

    Outgoing Mail Server
    (All the same settings as above "Incoming Mail Server")

    Be sure all fields are filled, and Tap Next.
    If your email settings are correct, tap Save to finish. You can now access your Email again through the Apple Mail app.

    If the email settings are incorrect, you’ll be asked to edit them. If you still can't set up your email account or save your email settings, contact from your personal email address and include any screenshots or error messages.

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